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Corrosion of steel operating equipment and piping under insulation has been recognized as an important problem in the ammonia refrigeration, chilled water, chemical and petroleum industry. Insulation is a necessary component and there to function in three ways: save energy, control process temperatures, and protect workers from high wall temperatures. The environment under insulation, the CUI environment, can be hot, wet, and promotes aggressive corrosion. The American Petroleum Institute has directives that address the CUI problem and detail a program of identification, maintenance, and remediation.

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Corrosion under Insulation (CUI) – Differences in Gel Coating Technology

Corrosion under insulation (CUI) of steel operating equipment and piping is recognized as an important problem in the ammonia refrigeration, chilled water, chemical, and petroleum industries. A systems approach to CUI includes the correct material selection and design of the jacketing, insulation, and coating. This approach will help prevent CUI, but many corrosion engineers would agree that electrolytes will eventually find their way into even the best system. Selecting the right coating is extremely important, as the coating is the last line of defense for keeping the electrolyte from the metal surface and preventing corrosion.

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The backing for the next generation of Insulrap products includes an embedded scrim which improves lap adhesion. Shown above are the old (right) and new (left) backings for the Insulrap family of products.
Polyguard Releases Next Generation of Insulrap Products

Polyguard Products, Inc. Vice President of Mechanical Products Patrick Dunn announces the release of the next generation of Insulrap products to the market. “We have upgraded the entire line of Insulrap products, leading the way to the next generation of flexible asphalt and butyl membranes; the upgrades include achieving zero perm on all membranes, and by embedding scrim on the SJ products, we have also achieved enhanced lap adhesion on all Insulrap products,” Dunn said.

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Polyguard's Mechanical division introduces another product to the Alumaguard® family Alumaguard® Lite White primarily for indoor use

Polyguard Products' Mechanical Division has announced the release of its newest product, Alumaguard® Lite White, to its family of flexible cladding membranes.

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RG-2400® Training - Mechanical Division - Polyguard Products

RG-2400® ReactiveGel® Anti Corrosion Coatings for Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) applications. Insulrap™ products were the original self-healing vapor barrier membranes used on insulated piping in refrigeration, cryogenic and chemical processing applications.

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Polyguard Launches New Website

Polyguard Products, Inc. CEO John Muncaster announced this week the launch of a new, redesigned website for the company. The address for the site remains and the new site provides a modern look along with a mobile‐friendly version that’s also user‐friendly.

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