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PCI Must See Products and Services
Paint & Coatings Industry magazine's Must See Products and Services provides a glimpse at the latest products and innovations entering the coatings market today. Click on the links provided and learn more about these companies, as well as the latest technology.

EcoDose 2K - Electronic Dosing System for Higher Application Efficiency
The EcoDose 2K is an electronic dosing system suitable for high- and low-pressure applications. It can be used in manual and automatic processes. Optimized for quick color changes and easy flushing, it enhances resource utilization and contributes to higher application efficiency. Fluids like 1K or 2K materials, water- and solvent-based paints, varnishes, lacquers and monolayer paints are measured consistently and precisely, even media with different viscosities.

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Dürr Systems, Inc.
Blake Shotwell
Phone +1 248 450-2019

Organo-Functional Silicones
Siltech Corporation develops, manufactures and markets a full, unique line of organo-functional silicones. With more than 25 years of experience and two manufacturing plants, Siltech offers high-quality Silmer® reactive silicones as well as Siltech additives. These materials add flexibility, elongation, impact resistance and strength to organic resins.

See you at RadTech, Booth #717.

Evaluation of the Physical Properties of Coatings Layers
Shimadzu’s ultra micro hardness tester is ideally suited for quick, simple evaluation of the physical properties of coating layers, such as DLC coatings, in the micro region. With low test forces and precision depth measurement, it supports a wide range of testing methods. Learn more.

Latest Advancements in Light Curing Chemistry & Technology
Keyland Polymer is dedicated to the development, formulation, manufacture and application of light-curable ultraviolet (UV) and electron beam (EB) solid materials. Applications are rapidly growing and include resins and powders used in coatings, lithium ion batteries, 3D printing/additive manufacturing, inks and toners, and more.

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Keyland Polymer UV Powder, LLC
Phone: 216-741-7915

Advanced Performance Materials for UV/EB Energy-Cure Applications
Dymax Oligomers & Coatings demonstrates expert knowledge of oligomers, adhesives, coatings, and light-curing equipment to optimize solutions for a variety of customer applications. The company will exhibit a line of Bomar® specialty oligomers and introduce two technology bulletins outlining recent developments and data in 3D printing and nail coating formulation.

Visit us at RadTech UV+EB 2020, Booth 306.

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Comprehensive Curing and Drying Solutions
See the latest UV LED curing systems innovations from Heraeus Noblelight, benchtop and floor-standing conveyors perfect for lab settings and production, and our Infradry® IR and air extraction module for water-based inks and coatings. Talk with technical application experts.

Visit us during RadTech 2020, Booth #401.

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