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WHITEPAPER - Temperature Control for Chemical Research and Production

Precise temperature control has a significant influence on performance and quality in chemical process engineering. The Unistat range of temperature control systems ensure accurate temperatures and stable process conditions in research laboratories, pilot plants and kilolabs worldwide. The new Unistat Hybrid technology offers solutions for temperature control of large scale production reactors, enabling an affordable, partial modernisation of existing central plant cooling/heating systems.
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Temperature Control for Chemical Research and Production
CASE STUDIES - Temperature Control for Chemical Research and Production

When your focus is process stability, reproducibility and dynamics for your temperature control requirements, then our case studies are a useful source of information and provide a fair basis of comparison. We provide over 200 case studies with various applications:
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Temperature Control for Chemical Research and Production

UNISTATS are predestined for process and chemical engineering

The small Tangos mark the entry level into the world of Unistats. The compact dimensions and unique thermodynamics make the Petite Fleur and Grande Fleur ideal for precise temperature control of research reactors.

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Case study Petite Fleur
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Case study Grande Fleur
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Case study Unistat Tango
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