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Mike Murphy,

MyEZInstall: The Referral Network that Makes YOU a Vital Part of the HVAC Consumer-Direct Solution

Whether you’re a contractor, manufacturer, or distributor, we’ve found a way to solidify your link in the growing $150MM+/yr consumer-direct e-commerce supply chain. MyEZInstall was founded by HVAC veterans who’ve worked throughout the industry, we understand the challenges that this channel poses, and we’ve spent years perfecting a way to turn those challenges into opportunities. Visit our website or read below to find out how we can help your business capitalize on this trend.


For Contractors: Maximize your Profits

You may have seen other referral networks, but not like this one. The MyEZInstall customer referral network is specifically designed to make the consumer-direct sales channel more profitable for contractors. How do we do that? For starters, it’s free to join. Plus...
  • The leads we send are free
  • Members keep 100% of their install fee on every job
  • Members approve equipment prior to install & quote each job as they see fit
  • Members are allowed to sell additional services and accessories to customers
  • Our technology maximizes quality and quantity of leads for members
  • ...Did we mention it’s FREE?

For Manufacturers: Take Control of E-Commerce

Our solutions put you back in the driver’s seat when it comes to consumer-direct e-commerce sales. MyEZInstall puts your brands and your dealers first, helping you to increase brand loyalty and eliminate warranty concerns by connecting your dealers directly to the sales process.
  • Service is free to you and your dealers
  • Only manufacturer-approved websites can use our network
  • Your premium dealers are listed first when customers search for an installer
  • We assist in the warranty registration process so you can track warranties for online sales
benefit your dealers

For Distributors: Secure A Permanent Central Role

There IS a role for you in the consumer-direct channel, and it’s an important role. Because in our opinion, without you, there is no HVAC sales channel. Major consumer-direct suppliers are entering the market with no space for inventory and little understanding of how to succeed in HVAC logistics. Your expertise is in demand more than ever. MyEZInstall is developing solutions that allow you to:
  • Leverage your expertise for the long-term
  • Enjoy new e-commerce revenue streams
  • Use data mined from online sales to act on valuable insights
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