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Data Center Low Profile: key strategic security option
Data Center Low Profile: key strategic security option

Data Centers are prime targets for economic terrorists, but if the bad guys don't know where to find you, it's harder for them to harm you. Second best option is to do nothing that will draw attention to the facility; including non-descript buildings, with little or no signage. Still, perimeter security fencing arouses curiosity. An expertly engineered guard station doesn't need to show off.

This guard booth is a workhorse. Its subtle, utilitarian design obscures its elegant execution. All galvanized steel construction including steel floor, galvanized floor frame, roof and ceiling yields durability. From galvanized steel framing, doors are top suspended from a heavy gauge steel track. The finishing touch is the coating that is impact, fade, chemical and graffiti resistant.

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Cost effectively safeguard your Data Center access points
Cost effectively safeguard your Data Center access points

At a Data Center, physical and cyber security are partners in protection. Data Center managers want to prevent bad actors from gaining access to their facilities without busting their budget. They also need to support their security staff with a climate-controlled space protecting them from the elements, and sufficient power hook-ups for communications equipment and lighting. Plus, it all needs to be done cost-effectively while minimizing interference during installation.

The First American security booth model includes all electrical, cabinets, tinted glass (to match your facility) and HVAC for far less than conventional construction. The single unit-welded, steel booth arrives completely assembled and factory prepped to assist with the onsite supplied installation of the architectural brick, thereby minimizing delay. The booth arrives essentially ready to plug and play.

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Guard Stations are command central for Data Center Perimeter Control
Guard Stations are command central for Data Center Perimeter Control

Should there be an emergency, an explosion, or even a fire, your facility's access and egress point Guard Station(s) become the initial point(s) of contact with first responders. They need to be configured to facilitate communication within your data center and with the outside world. And they need to be constructed to withstand assault from the elements as well as a hostile force.

The Varco Deluxe model is a full-size security guard booth with plenty of room for security staff. Options include installed shelves and cabinets, heavy insulation in the walls and roof, a large HVAC system that can handle any environment in the United States, and conduits and J-Boxes for data, communications and cameras.

Bullet and blast-resistant construction is available. B.I.G. booths are built to deal with man and Mother Nature.

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No-nonsense Data Center perimeter protection
No-nonsense Data Center perimeter protection

Post 9-11 those responsible for Data Center protection are ever aware of the need for good communication within their facility and with emergency services. The presence of strong perimeter barriers and guard shelters under the watchful eyes of vigilant security personnel goes a long way to persuade intruders to look for easier targets. Even when the facility wishes to remain anonymous, their mere presence can dissuade.

The Landers guard shack model is 250 square feet of prefabricated galvanized steel with bullet resistant features, clear anodized aluminum rolldown security shutters, a galvanized steel floor and joists with polyvinyl-chloride interlocking floor tiles. The high-solids polyurethane paint finish over two-part polyurethane primer will protect your booth for multiple decades. 25% less than "build on site," Landers' straight forward no-nonsense design communicates, "Don't mess with me."

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Data Center Security Staff warrant safe shelter
Data Center Security Staff warrant safe shelter

Data Centers are critical to our nation's economy. A popular contemporary defensive strategy is to locate data centers in discrete, unobtrusive structures. Frequently, centers are located in isolated areas with little or no signage for anonymity. These efforts to hide in plain sight do not diminish the need for hard perimeters and strictly controlled access and egress.

B.I.G. Prefabricated Data Center Guard Stations are specifically designed to meet the needs of the security staff charged with protecting the "castle". Architectural designs blend into the existing structure. They can be designed to provide optimum visibility, while being blast resistant. The designs allow for plug and play installation making them virtually immediately operational. The units are electrostatically painted with RUST inhibitive coating system. And the wall mounted HVAC units offer years of maintenance-free use.

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