Updating Restrooms to Touch Free

Best Practices and Your Options to Consider...

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Updating Restrooms

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WR Nash Case Study
William R. Nash has a track record of over 50 years of excellence as one of the construction industry's most competent mechanical contractors. Specifically, the company specializes in plumbing systems and is renowned for its work in markets including healthcare, hospitality, entertainment, and more.

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Webinar: Upgrading Manual Flushometers to Touch-free Sensor Operation
How do you select the optimal touch-free sensor retrofit to upgrade a manual flushometer? This 30-minute webinar is designed to help you understand the value of a touch-free flushometer and how to select and retrofit a manually operated flushometer to touchless sensor operation.

Webinar: Replacing Manual Faucets with Touch-free Automatic Sensor Faucets
How do you select touch-free sensor faucets that are best for your site? This 30-minute webinar is designed to help you select the best automatic sensor faucet possible to replace existing manual faucets. You will learn which faucet designs and features are most important for your applications.

Facility Review: The Keys to A Successful Water Savings Program – White Paper
You've probably heard the adage, "Proper planning prevents poor performance." And, as many contractors and building owners have learned over the years, perhaps nowhere is this concept more appropriate than when embarking on a commercial retrofit project to reduce water consumption. This white paper outlines the keys implementing a successful upgrade for water savings.

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