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Reimagining Aged Barn Wood for Long-Term Durability
Made of concrete, Vintage Ranch is an authentic wood plank stone profile that resists warping and rotting as it reflects the texture and patina of weather-worn barnwood. Dawnwood presents a whitewashed beige color palette with accents of seafoam, while Stratuswood mirrors the earthy gray hues present in gathering storm clouds.
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Designing with Nature in Mind

Architectural stone veneer brings the beauty of nature into residential and commercial spaces, particularly on projects that prioritize sustainable and resilient design solutions. In this AIA/IECDC course, explore the uses and benefits of stone veneer in biophilic design and how it compares to natural stone.
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El Dorado

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Infusing New Life in Limestone

Limestone is one of nature's most enduring building materials, with a timeless texture that is sought after in a variety of projects. With its distinct interplay of cream and silvery blue hues accented by rust and gray-green overtones, Grand Banks forges a unique aesthetic union between contemporary and traditional design notes.
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Bringing Your Vision to Life
When it comes time to garner approval on a new project, leave nothing to chance. From mood boards and idea books, to a region-specific selection tool and custom visualizer, explore different options and help your clients see how architectural stone veneer elevates the look of each space.
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El Dorado

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BuildingGreen Reveals Top 10 Products for 2020
BuildingGreen has released its list of the Top 10 Products for 2020 at this year's Greenbuild conference in Atlanta. The materials and products recognized this year reduce the environmental impacts of greenhouse gases by conserving energy, lowering carbon emissions, and managing the effects of carbon.
Miller Hull Partnership and Lord Aeck Sargent Complete Ultra-Sustainable Building at Georgia Tech
To generate at least as much energy as it uses, a building may need more photovoltaic panels than its roof can accommodate. One solution is to extend the roof, as Seattle's Miller Hull Partnership did when it designed that city's Bullitt Center, a six-story building with a PV panel-laden trellis cantilevering beyond its exterior walls.
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