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Knowledge Brief

Knowledge Brief
Using Automation to Meet ISO 9001:2015 Requirements
ISO 9001:2015 is set to replace the existing standard by the end of 2015. The revisions coming forth bring a fresh perspective on the ISO 9000 standard. Compliance lies in having a centralized, common, collaborative environment that not only gives you the visibility into where you are in our QMS, but also makes you active participants and champions of quality. This Knowledge Brief uncovers the upcoming standard and technology considerations to keep in mind to ensure compliance.

Download this paper and learn the benefits of QMS automation!

White Paper

White Paper
White Paper: Quantitative View on Compliance Management
Whether building enterprise-level solutions, using cloud-based solutions, or even building in-house solutions, the dynamic of automation is a key component in the compliance market. With that in mind, VERSE constructed a Compliance Grader tool, which allows companies to answer simple questions about their overall compliance processes, and activities related to quality management or safety management.

Download this white paper and uncover some of the trends and challenges in quality and safety compliance.

Quick Fix

White Paper
A Best Practices Guide to Quality Management
When it comes to choosing a Quality Management System (QMS) for your organization, there is much to consider. Each QMS is different from the next, with slight changes here and there that may cause you to wonder which will provide the most value and prove to be truly effective…which to choose? This comprehensive guide provides detailed insights into some of the qualities that should be built into a QMS system to ensure a best in class process.

Download this paper and lay the groundwork for a growing and succeeding QMS!

Risk Tracker
We often tend to think of risk as elusive, but this doesn't have to be the case. Want to get a quick assessment on the potential risk of an event? Check out this free risk tracker tool - it lets you take an event and do a simple risk assessment on it, providing you with simple guidance on the results. Email yourself your very own risk reports, or share with a colleague/coworker. Free!
  • Enter information about a compliance event
  • Use a simple risk assessment matrix to calculate risk
  • The tool provides simple guidance on best practices based on results
Track your risks now and be one step closer to improving compliance

Compliance Grader
Compliance is key - but how do you measure compliance? Check out this free Compliance Grader tool - use it to fill out some general questions about your compliance system, and see where you rank. The tool gives you guidance on each question, as well as an overall Compliance Score, which you can email to yourself or a colleague.
  • Fill out the compliance questions and get guidance based on your answer
  • Generate an overall compliance score based on best practices and see how you rank
  • Email the report to yourself or send to a colleague - use as often as you’d like!
Grade your compliance today!