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Reverse Engineering and 3D Printing

Reverse Engineering and 3D Printing: A Practical Solution

Roc-Aire routinely reverse engineers legacy aircraft parts using Verisurf Reverse software, then 3D prints them as high-precision prototypes to evaluate form, fit and mechanical function. The finished prototype is then inspected using the original STL mesh model as the nominal, which maintains a digital workflow throughout the entire process…More

The Keeper of GD&T Date

Who’s The Keeper of GD&T Date?
Design Engineering?
Manufacturing Engineering?
Quality Engineering?

In today’s highly specialized world of engineering it takes a village to develop and produce a component part, let alone a complete product. Who is responsible for Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) data? The answer depends on many variables, including the type of part or product being produced, production methods, critical specifications and design variables…More

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Portable 3D Inspection on the Shop Floor

Portable 3D Inspection on the Shop Floor
Flexibility to Probe or Scan is Important

In today’s shop floor environment inspection flexibility is important. Depending on the part, portable inspection and reverse engineering solutions need to be equipped to capture the right amount of data. Whether that means a relatively few number of probe points or large amounts of scanned point cloud data. The New Master3DGage Inspection Suite does both...More

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New Verisurf® 2017 Software Release

New Verisurf® 2017 Software Release – See it at IMTS
Updated User Interface and Customization Features Improve Efficiency

The all new Verisurf 2017 Software suite features a new user interface designed for enhanced usability and reduced user fatigue. The new interface relies on a flat, easy to read, design coupled with a thoughtful, logical menu layout. Coupled with performance enhancements for scan-based inspection and reverse engineering applications, the new Verisurf 2017 Software has been redefined…Watch Video


Closing the Skills Gap

Acording to the National Tooling and Machining Association (NTMA), training the next generation workforce is the biggest problem facing its members. At the same time, training the existing workforce – growing their skills and keeping them current on new technology – remains a pressing need. Considering the schedule of working professionals and fulltime students alike it is important provide learning solutions that are both flexible and practical to insure the knowledge transfer. Verisurf University offers a free Learning Edition of its popular measurement software to help students gain hands on experience…More

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Verisurf Software combines its open CAD-based measurement platform with application expertise, appropriate hardware devices, service, training and support to deliver best-in-class measurement solutions. Whether you need a single point solution or a company-wide measurement platform, Verisurf delivers…More

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