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Darrell Dal Pozzo

Metal 3D printing pushes the boundaries in Moto2â„¢ through defiant innovation
Moto2 team TransFIORmers is using cutting edge metal additive manufacturing (3D printing) technology in an unconventional front suspension system to gain a significant competitive advantage.

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White paper: Survival of the fittest - the process control imperative
In tough times, manufacturers focus on reducing their operating costs, but may not be able to afford to spend their way out by buying more productive machinery. With that pathway closed, what are the opportunities for radically reducing costs without replacing existing machines? This paper explores four areas where substantial savings can be found if firms are prepared to change the way they control their machining processes.

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Using machine tool probes for precision metrology in the manufacturing of forged wheel and car chassis
The automotive industry is fiercely competitive. Tier-one car manufacturers are constantly looking for breakthroughs in areas such as performance, safety and innovative design, all of which places ever stricter requirements on the processing of metal components. SuperAlloy Industrial Company Ltd. (SAI) is a supplier of high-quality lightweight forged metal products. Renishaw machine tool probe systems are a perfect match for SAI to make great progress on the route to high end precision manufacturing.

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A 27% reduction in part production cost with an Equatorâ„¢
High-Tech Engineering, a precision engineering company based in Dunstable, Bedfordshire, UK, has always focused on the quality of the parts it produces. Now with its latest addition, a Renishaw Equator gauging system, it is reaching 100% part inspection and zero scrap whilst halving the operator requirements and reducing part production costs by 27%.

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