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Technical Article: The Basics of Harmonic Analysis
Most of the time form measurement looks at basic geometrical shapes: how round something is, how straight or even how flat it is. You measure a cylinder and make a trace up the side to see if it’s straight; you take a polar trace to see if it’s round; you combine a number of these traces to see if it’s cylindrical. All these are basic geometries: lines, planes, circles and cylinders.
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Technical Article: What Kind of Gage Do You Need?
Like every other function in modern manufacturing operations, inspection is subject to management’s efforts at cost control or cost containment. It’s good business sense to try to maximize the value of every dollar spent, but it means that hard choices must be made when selecting gaging equipment. Issues as diverse as personnel, training, warranties, throughput requirements, manufacturing methods and materials, the end-use of the workpiece, and general company policies on gaging methods and suppliers may influence both the effectiveness and the cost of the inspection process.
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Technical Article: Form 101
While John Goodman and Arnold Schwarzenegger are both 6'2", few would argue that they have similar body shapes. What this says, simply, is that measuring size does not necessarily say anything about shape. Even if you added other size dimensions, such as weight, shoe size, inseam length and hat size, you would still not know much about their relative shapes. Add waistline and you would start to get a sense of the difference, but from a manufacturing (or sculpting) perspective, you would still not have nearly enough information to produce either shape, or to differentiate between them.
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Technical Article: Going Beyond Height
With its long range of motion, the digital height gage can be thought of as a giant caliper, but one with the accuracy of a much more sophisticated benchtop gaging system. As such, digital height gages are extremely versatile and capable of performing a wide range of measuring tasks quickly and reliably. Plus, they are easy to set up, use and maintain.
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Mahr's Gaging Guru

Form Measurement: Making it Easy Understanding these issues may help you advance your process, or at least, make things less difficult.

Accurate and Repeatable Measurement Using a rotary table on a CMM will improve process efficiency and productivity by reducing setup and process times.
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