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Darrell Dal Pozzo,

Out with the Red, In with the Blue
Solving the Inspection, Data-Gathering Bottleneck

After a careful and extensive testing comparison of blue laser versus red laser scanning options, TS Tech decided to go with the FAROBlu™ Laser Line Probe HD (High Definition). TS Tech is a global, tier-one car seat supplier to major automotive manufacturers. The optically-superior blue laser was an easy sell to their management thanks to:
  • Higher scanning speed and greater productivity
  • Three-times as many data points as red laser scanning
  • Superior accuracy
  • The ability to scan challenging surfaces such as dark and reflective materials
The FAROBlu Laser Line Probe HD is ideal for inspection, quality control, and reverse engineering.

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Automated Inspection: Streamlining Workflow
3D Imaging Technology Coupled with a Robot

Automated inspection solutions typically result in an 80% to 90% reduction in inspection time and effort – and with absolutely repeatability. FARO, 3D Infotech and The Layout Source worked together to implement a robot-based, automated 3D imaging solution for inspecting castings for the aerospace industry. The benefits of an automated solution in high-volume inspection include time savings, reduced operator fatigue, and increased repeatability in inspection.

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The New Global Standard for Measurement Arm Technology
First Measurement Arm to Meet New and Rigorous Industry Standards

Does your Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) meet the most rigorous ISO 10360-12 standard for accuracy? How about the International Electrical Commission (IEC) standards for ruggedness? The new FARO QuantumS Arm meets these requirements and more.
  • Highest ISO certified accuracy on the market
  • Superior ergonomics to minimize user effort
  • Ruggedness & reliability: Stress tested for drop, vibration & extreme temperatures
  • Extreme portability, robust Wi-Fi®, and more
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Streamlining Production and Assembly with Laser Projection
How to Eliminate Physical Templates, Improve Quality, and Increase Productivity

Laser projection technology uses CAD files to project a virtual template onto a 3D work surface, allowing assemblers to quickly and accurately position components with absolute confidence. Laser projection eliminates the need for physical templates and hard tooling. The risk of human error and costly scrap is significantly reduced.

Want to learn how Laser Projection might be used for your application?

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Combining 3D Scanning and Laser Tracker Technology
For Large-Volume Measurements

How do you perform measurements on parts or assemblies that are too large for conventional 3D Measurement Arm scanning but require too much detailed to be measured solely by a Laser Tracker? The FARO Super 6DoF (6 Degrees of Freedom) TrackArm solution allows you to achieve the best of both worlds: Measurement Arm detail with Laser Tracker large volumes.

Super 6DoF allows you to perform detailed measurements of large objects across a single coordinate system. Wagstaff, Inc. is using the Super 6DoF Track Arm to conquer the manufacturing challenges of inspecting large, complex parts.

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Using Laser Trackers to Increase Revenue and Reduce Risk
Tight Tolerances on Unforgiving Large Parts and Assemblies

The Steel America Division of Colonna's Shipyard, Inc. implemented a FARO Vantage Laser Tracker system to perform large-scale measurements on everything from inspecting and aligning huge drive shafts to reverse engineering. The measurement, fitting, and assembly of large and unwieldy machined parts is not something that can be left to trial and error. The Vantage has helped Steel America to shorten inspection cycle times, improve quality and win new customers. The investment in laser tracker technology versus outsourcing and/or other inspection methods was pennies on the dollar.

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Taming Internal Alignment Challenges
Using Laser Tracker Technology to Provide Industry-Leading Alignment Solutions

The precision alignment of huge rotating equipment such as those used in power generation, oil and gas, and petrochemical industries presents a unique set of challenges. Misaligned equipment can lead to service-affecting and costly outages, yet the alignment process of internal components, which is a part of preventive maintenance, usually involves long down times. AQUIP uses the FARO Vantage Laser Tracker system to achieve a competitive advantage for themselves and their clients in providing fast and accurate alignment of large, mission-critical machinery. Alignment projects that used to take 12 to 24 hours can now be accomplished in three to five hours.

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The Quality Show is a 3-day event that provides manufacturing professionals quality-focused education, networking with thousands of quality professionals and a resource-rich exhibit hall dedicated exclusively to quality technology, equipment and products. The Quality Show will be held every other year in Rosemont, IL. 2017 Dates October 24-26, 2017

The 5th Annual ASSEMBLY Show will take place from Tuesday, October 24, through Thursday October 26, at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, IL. Over the course of three days the event will host numerous educational sessions, hundreds of exhibiting companies, thousands of industry professionals including buyers and users of assembly equipment, products or services in manufacturing plants, a dynamic keynote speaker and two exciting networking receptions.