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Key Elements of ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001:2015 brought with it a mindset shift. The requirements are still there, tried and true, but it's a shift in how we view quality as an organization. The key concept on 2015 is around a commitment to customer, to improvement and to company-wide involvement. In this white paper, we break down some of the sections of the new standard, and where technology fits in to simplify the process.

Download this white paper and learn how the new standard can improve your quality processes!

White Paper
Has Corrective Action become a Roadblock to Your Quality System? Why You Need Risk Management

No matter the scope or severity, CAPA is the ultimate catchall for events in the system. This becomes a problem when the "critical" CAPAs - those events that have the most impact on the business as a whole, become lost in the pile, hidden among non-critical, immediately correctible events, and virtually invisible to the enterprise. In this white paper, learn why so many companies are choosing a quality management system that incorporates risk assessment to their CAPA process.

Download this paper and take a bold step toward improving your business processes!

How to Define & Build a Risk Management Strategy for Your QMS System

Quality systems are an investment, as is investing time and resources to maintain compliance. How can an organization ensure compliance, and find ways to streamline the process while mitigating costs? Risk is becoming a way many organizations have sought to help streamline their compliance in an objective and systematic way.This paper shows you how Risk Management is a key tool in compliance.

Download this white paper and unlock the common tools for assessing risk!

An Insider's Guide to Selecting a Quality Management Software System

As Demand for Quality Management solutions grow, so does the vendor landscape. With a high demand and a large vendor landscape, it sometimes becomes difficult to discern which systems provide the greatest value and guarantee a successful implementation. Learn some of the most common mistakes of selecting a quality management system solution and how you can avoid making them with these best practices.

Download this paper and avoid the common pitfalls to ensure you select a QMS system that is right for you!

EtQ is the leading Quality, EHS and Compliance management software provider for identifying, mitigating and preventing high-risk events through integration, automation and collaboration. Founded in 1992, EtQ has been providing software solutions to a variety of markets for over 20 years.

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