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The Risk Management Guidebook: Strategies & Tools for Success

Regardless of industry or business size – the common denominator is risk. What can companies do to not just reduce risks, but prevent them from occurring the in the first place? Download this comprehensive paper to learn some of the best tools and techniques to ensure an effective risk management process.

Download this paper and take action to mitigate risks!

Key Elements of ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001:2015 brought with it a mindset shift. The requirements are still there, tried and true, but it's a shift in how we view quality as an organization. The key concept on 2015 is around a commitment to customer, to improvement and to company-wide involvement. In this white paper, we break down some of the sections of the new standard, and where technology fits in to simplify the process.

Download this white paper and learn how the new standard can improve your quality processes!

White Paper
Has Corrective Action become a Roadblock to Your Quality System? Why You Need Risk Management

No matter the scope or severity, CAPA is the ultimate catchall for events in the system. This becomes a problem when the "critical" CAPAs - those events that have the most impact on the business as a whole, become lost in the pile, hidden among non-critical, immediately correctible events, and virtually invisible to the enterprise. In this white paper, learn why so many companies are choosing a quality management system that incorporates risk assessment to their CAPA process.

Download this paper and take a bold step toward improving your business processes!

Quality Management and Change Management: Ensuring a Change for the Better

Change, as the saying goes, is the only constant. Inevitably, an organization will need to change a process or product at some point in its lifecycle in order to keep up with growing market demand and to keep pace with the competition. The process leading up to change execution is always complicated and needs to be managed properly in order to result in an effective outcome. In this white paper, learn the benefits of implement a QMS to management the Change Management process.

Download this paper and start taking the necessary steps for an effective Change Management process!

Risk-Based Thinking in Quality Management Systems: How to Incorporate Risk into Your Processes

There is a new term that is being introduced into the dynamic of Quality Management Systems, and that is the concept of "Risk-Based Thinking." With the new ISO 9001:2015 standard and other industry initiatives, there is distinct chatter about how to build more risk-based thinking into processes.

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Risk and the ISO 9001 Revision

Years in the making, the ISO 9001:2015 revision has been published. Prior to the release date, auditors, inspectors, quality managers, and many others studied the initial drafts in an attempt to understand the changes. Readers immediately recognized that risk would be a major concept within the quality management systems standard.

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