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Epicor Simplifying Manufacturing

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Darrell Dal Pozzo

Epicor Discrete Manufacturing Resources

Myths and Realities of “Top to Shop” in Manufacturing

For nearly two decades analysts, journalists, and industry experts have warned manufacturers about the consequences of a disconnect between the shop floor (the production line) and the top floor (senior management up to C-suite). With all that has been written on the subject, it’s surprising that few manufacturers have even tried to connect the shop floor to the top floor to enhance the extended supply chain.

Simplifying Manufacturing: How ERP Can Help

Manufacturers must have the right ERP systems in place to move confidently forward in the new manufacturing era, and simplicity is paramount—key to increasing the reach of ERP to every part of an organization, making it as useful and usable on the shop floor as it is in the boardroom.

IMCO Carbide Tool: Customer Success Story Video

IMCO Carbide tool talks about how adopting Epicor ERP and Mattec MES was an important part of the company’s revenue and growth. Gaining real-time visibility into what’s happening on the shop floor has enabled them to optimize their production and manufacturing operations.

Humtown gains faster response time and improved data insight with Epicor ERP

Epicor ERP version 10 Epicor ERP version 10 is integrated into all aspects of Humtown Products - from invoicing, product ordering, quoting, and the shop floor. With Epicor ERP version 10, the company now has faster access and improved visibility of all its data, and drill down capabilities to gain better insight.

Epicor ERP impresses Enpress with improved operational efficiencies, collaboration and rapid implementation

The collaboration and real-time access to data has also helped Enpress better manage its inventory, which in turn helps manage cash flow resulting in lowering expenses. The instant access to data enables Enpress to quickly retrieve data any time without having to constantly wait for an e-mail to arrive with the requested information.

Mobile, Social, Cloud and ERP: Is Your Business Ready for What’s Next?

What’s working and what’s irking businesses most when it comes to their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, the crucial business systems used by millions of organizations worldwide to support day-to-day operations and decision making?

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