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The Top Three Benefits of Mobility in Maintenance Operations

Want to optimize your team's productivity and efficiency? In this in-depth whitepaper, you'll discover the top three benefits of mobility and how they can greatly improve your maintenance operations. Be sure to read how data can make a huge impact on your team's productivity and efficacy, and how to get valuable employees on board.

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Zodiac Aerospace's Avox Systems Uses Dude Solutions to Get Their Data in Line for Audits

When an audit led to an ISO suspension, the Avox Systems Division at Zodiac Aerospace knew they had to make a change to their operations. Read how their implementation of the Dude Solutions CMMS platform helped them get their assets in order, properly document data and run reports, and get their ISO certification reinstated.

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Managing Change with Maintenance and Operations Software

Many manufacturers are bringing Lean and Six Sigma ideologies on board to eliminate errors and ensure the uptime of their machines. Explore how a CMMS can help implement Lean and Six Sigma into your organization by assisting in change management and aligning with your objectives.

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Dude Solutions Works Hand in Hand with Drahtzug Stein as More than Just a Software Solution

There are a lot of CMMS platforms on the market, but only one company who works like a vested partner with your organization. In this testimonial, see how Dude Solutions' exceptional customer success team helped Drahtzug Stein find solutions to their challenges and work in tandem with their needs to help them achieve success and get the most out of their platform.

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Emerging Trends in Maintenance Operations

This white paper explores some of the emerging trends shaping the day-to-day operations of manufacturers and the maintenance operations teams supporting the business. We'll also highlight how automating and optimizing maintenance practices can help your organization to improve everything from market competitiveness to regulatory compliance.

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Pepsi Bottling Ventures Uses Dude Solutions to Ensure Maximum Uptime

With 350,000 square feet and over 70,000 daily work orders, Pepsi Bottling Ventures needed to ensure that their equipment was at its most efficient and that they had the parts they needed to prevent downtime. Hear how Dude Solutions helped Pepsi achieve optimum productivity in their facility.

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Registration Opens for the 2017 Coordinate Metrology Society Conference The CMS will convene July 17–21 at the Snowbird Meeting and Convention Center in Snowbird, UT

The Quality Show is a 3-day event that provides manufacturing professionals quality-focused education, networking with thousands of quality professionals and a resource-rich exhibit hall dedicated exclusively to quality technology, equipment and products.
The Quality Show will be held every other year in Rosemont, IL.
2017 Dates October 24-26, 2017

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