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The Most Versatile Tribology System Ever Designed

Comprehensive materials testing for mechanical and triobological properties

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Clutch Friction Material Screening Using Universal Mechanical Testers

Smooth clutch operation in automatic transmissions is strongly tied to the velocity dependence of the coefficient of friction (COF). With Bruker's benchtop UMT Tribolab, clutch material testing is delivered with a small footprint and low cost, allowing testing to be performed in any research or quality lab.

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Characterization of Lubricants for Research and Development, Quality Control and Application Engineering

Lubricants play a critical role in nearly every type of machinery, and their performance is often critical to the speed, reliability, and life of the machines. The modular Bruker UMT Tribolab is capable of testing lubricants using a variety of ASTM and ISO standards or customized real-life conditions.

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Hardmetals and Hardfacings Testing

In sliding contact applications where adequate lubrication is not possible, galling can occur, resulting in potential seizure. Material solutions to the wear inherent in these severe use applications include both hardfacings and hardmetals. The versatile Bruker UMT TriboLab can be used to optimize complex metal systems through applying high stresses and a variety of motions while monitoring temperature, friction, and wear, and testing to a defined failure point.

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Explore Bruker's Free Library of Tribology Webinars

An open and free resource for users of tribological tools and mechanical testers

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Using Tribology for Corrosion Testing

Tribo-Corrosion in the oil transport and refining industry continually degrades infrastructure and materials at an extremely high cost to the industry as a whole. Bruker’s UMT Tribocorrosion test system provides an integrated, small footprint system for characterizing the removal rate of materials over a variety of chemistry, loading, time and temperature conditions.

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