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To transition from older ISO standards by the deadline, get these free implementation tools!

Wherever you are in your transition to the updated standards for ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 13485, IATF 16949, AS9100 or ISO/DIS 45001 - make it easier with our free transition mapping guides, training and process explanations. The set includes:

• How your auditing requirements and experience will change
• What happens if you allow your current certification to lapse
• How to implement new risk requirements into your current Quality Management System
• Self-assessments to gauge your current transition readiness
• Briefings for executives and non-quality personnel
• Comparisons of the old and new standard requirements

And so much more.

" A lot of people think standards are just for big companies because they're complex, expensive tools. Nothing could be further from the truth. "

- Howard Kerr, Chief Executive of BSI

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About BSI

Our comprehensive approach creates a gateway to excellence for your organization. BSI's training, assessment services and software enable your business to continually improve products and services. BSI's internal and lead auditor training provides staff the understanding to implement and help your organization comply with management system standards. Our assessments offer independent verification and certification of conformance. BSI's configurable, web-based software solution, Entropy™ automates risk management, document control, audit and compliance, performance, and incident management, effectively managing the drive for continuous improvement across your organization. From the decision to improve systems through to registration and continual improvement, BSI is your business improvement solutions partner.

Layered Process Audit Programs: A Fast-Track Strategy for Reducing Cost of Quality
The trick is managing the complexity of these unique audits.

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VISION, the world's leading trade fair for machine vision, is not just the marketplace for component manufacturers, it is also a platform for system suppliers and integrators.

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