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Mike Anderson
Teamwork Never Grows Old
Historically the definition of staunch independence, surveyors are in actuality a rather amiable and cooperative lot. Who knew? Well, of course, y'all did. And that's the best part of the shtick, right? The reality that even the most solo of surveyors is more than happy to work with professional colleagues has been a recurring theme in the pages of POB in recent months. For us, this attitude was nicely driven home during an unexpected encounter in downtown Toledo, Ohio.
OTM Partners
We know you have choices - now more than ever. This is why our focus has always been and will always be on you - our customer. As a multi-brand company, we offer you be exact, more than 75 brands. Quite simply, we want you to have what you want, when you want, and at the best price around.
The RSMP180 12.7mm mini-prism from Berntsen International, Inc. can be easily turned in a radius of 180 degrees so the same point can be read from different directions.
Carlson Software
Carlson Software, a privately owned and operated company known for its innovation and one-source technology solutions, specializes in office design, field data collection, and machine control products for the civil engineering, surveying, construction, and mining industries worldwide. Carlson is renowned for its customer service, which includes free and excellent technical support.
Certainty 3D
Certainty 3D
Certainty 3D is a software company focused on the productive, high performance processing of LiDAR data. C3D's primary product, TopoDOT®, is a comprehensive solution successfully addressing the challenges of processing LiDAR data across the spectrum of data management, quality assessment and extraction of features, topographies and 3D models.
JAVAD GNSS designs and manufactures GNSS receivers for high precision applications. Its product portfolios include OEM boards, communication boards, complete receivers, antennas, handheld controllers and application software. It is the only company that provides detailed interference awareness features in GNSS receivers and a built-in UHF scanner. Some other unique product features are "Lift & Tilt" survey and Visual Stakeout. JAVAD GNSS has its own manufacturing facilities in San Jose, Calif., that also provides manufacturing services to other companies.
Leica Geosystems
Leica GeosystemsLeica Geosystems
Immerse yourself in the future of surveying by test-driving the profession's only touch-technology software, scheduling a demo of the world's first self-learning total station, or challenging one of our experts to show you what Leica Captivate can do. With all-new interactions and technologies, Leica Captivate is the first 3D user experience of its kind. Experience it for yourself.
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Building Systems, Delivering Performance.
RIEGL USA delivers cutting edge technology in unmanned, airborne, mobile, and terrestrial LiDAR scanning solutions. From purchase, to system integration, as well as training and support, RIEGL USA stands out as a leader in the industry.
GeoMax - Works when you do!
At GeoMax we provide a comprehensive portfolio of integrated solutions by developing, manufacturing and distributing quality construction and surveying instruments and software. We address professional as well as occasional users with our easy-to-use, yet highly productive total stations, GPS/GNSS instruments, software, lasers, optical and digital levels and accessories.
Seafloor Systems
Seafloor Systems delivers the #1 echosounder for bathymetric surveying to land surveyors worldwide. We manufacture, rent and sell the HydroLite-TM Portable Survey Pole Kit, the HyDrone Catamaran Survey Platform, and the EchoBoat Hydrographic Survey Vessel. Call us today...Sales and Rentals available.
The Topcon Falcon 8 is a new rotary-wing unmanned aerial system mass data collection solution designed for inspection and monitoring, and survey and mapping applications. It is perfect for projects that require flexibility of takeoff and landing. With ability to maneuver in small spaces, it can cope with challenging environments.

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Emerging Contaminants Summit

Brought to you by the producers of the RemTEC Summit, the Emerging Contaminants Summit is a new event dedicated to the latest developments in the detection, fate and transport, risk assessment, treatment and regulation of emerging contaminants. Unlike most environmental conferences and workshops, which include some information on emerging contaminants, this Colorado event will comprehensively address how to mitigate their presence across all environmental media.

bauma 2016

The 31st edition of "the World's Leading Trade Fair for Construction Machinery, Building Material Machines, Mining Machines, Construction Vehicles and Construction Equipment," bauma 2016 will give visitors an audience with both international market leaders and the latest pioneering innovations. Over seven exciting days in Munich, Germany, experience all branches of industry, leading manufacturers and new products, represented by 3,500 exhibitors spread over six million square feet.

OTM Editorial

Hey, Don't Shoot The Teacher!

According to Dr. "Tony" Nettleman III, the bearing taken by Philip Adams in recent columns conveys an opinion that the biggest threat to the land surveying profession is a trickle of four-year graduates that thrive in calculus and physics, but could not find an iron pipe to save their lives. Nothing could be farther from the truth, Dr. Nettleman responds. Sure, eliminating the four-year degree requirement would allow us to increase the number of Professional Land Surveyors in every state. But at what cost?

For My Two Cents …
Do your two cents make a difference? A hundred years ago, two cents made a big difference. A penny was real money and you could buy something with it. Today, it's mostly for tax purposes and for coin collectors. In fact, as veteran surveyor Jeffrey Turner reports, pennies are no longer made of just copper because that would make them far too expensive. So, a penny does not even buy a copper penny. However, Turner saw recently how throwing in his two cents actually could make a real difference.