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Since the dawn of time, mankind’s demand for protein has driven its rise and spread. The Industrial Era brought major innovation to meat and poultry processing, which in turn exposed it to the peaks and valleys, compliments and criticisms that effect nearly any business. During the past 125 years, The National Provisioner has been there record it all — bringing information, news, profiles and expert guidance to one of America’s oldest and greatest business sectors.

In celebration of our 125th year in business, The National Provisioner opens
its archives to dust off those moments and events, offering an unparalleled
examination of what made the industry what it is today.
This month, Part 4 of our analysis looks at the years 1966-1991.

Part 4: 1966-1991 — Consumer engagement revolution

Radical changes pulsed through the meat and poultry industries (and the food industry at large), as operators, retailers and consumers began getting much more curious about, and sometimes involved in the raising, producing and processing of animal proteins than they’d ever been before.

Looking back … with Bryan Salvage

Our primary writer of this entire 125th Anniversary series, Bryan Salvage, reflects on his time as an editor with NP, the hours spent researching this report and some of the eye-opening moments he had poring over page after page of NP’s archives.

Industry Timeline, 1966-1991

Major events and interesting facts about the industry and The National Provisioner’s coverage, from the publication’s archives during the years 1966-1991.

Coming in October, the events and moments from 1991-2016, as well as a brief
look at 25 Icons who shaped the last 25 years of the meat and poultry industry —
all part of our six-month celebration of The National Provisioner’s 125th Anniversary.

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