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1891-1916: The moments that shaped the industry during NP’s first 25 years

Refrigeration and ice-making machines were all the rage; electricity in processing plants was on the come; and the industry went through changes that shook it to its core. Find out what it was like in the early days when The National Provisioner was a weekly publication, and how it helped guide the industry through some of its toughest moments.

Looking back … with Rosemary Mucklow

A legend in the industry reminisces on NP’s place during her decades of work as well as some of the people who pushed The National Provisioner forward through the better part of the 20th century.

Industry Timeline, 1891-1916

Major events and interesting facts about the industry and The National Provisioner’s coverage, from the first 25 years of the publication’s archives.

Coming in July, the events and moment from 1917-1941 — part of our six-month celebration of The National Provisioner’s 125th Anniversary.

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