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Mission Critical exists to inspire and inform all data center professionals who collaborate and develop new products. One way we’re pleased to serve readers is to offer industry WHITE PAPERS, which provide greater in-depth topics like emergency backup, disaster recover, security and offers solutions for rising energy costs and other key issues. On behalf of our team, thank you for reading!

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Financing Backup Generator Upgrades with Demand Response
Facilities with large backup generators can earn substantial payments through demand response programs, which offer incentives for reducing energy consumption briefly when the grid is under duress. Backup generators enable participants to maximize these payments without disrupting operations in their facilities.

However, many organizations miss out on these opportunities as a result of inadequate equipment or an inability to comply with regulatory standards.

Download this whitepaper for insight into the financing options that use future demand response earnings to cover equipment upgrade costs that can improve a generator’s capabilities as a resilience asset and earnings potential through demand response.

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